Ordering Information

We do not require you to fill out an order form, but we do ask for a down payment of $500.00 for our quarters and sides. Given market conditions, the final price may vary from year to year as the cattle and feed market changes so we ask that you contact us at for pricing information.

If a quarter sounds like too much, please check in with us and we can get you on our list for our 20 pound bundles that include a variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. These smaller bundles area available between November and April.


We have two cycles for beef quarter and side orders - spring and fall. We have developed the two cycles to offer some flexibility for our customers who want access to our beef more than once a year. However, we do limit shipping between May and September as we want to make sure that your beef arrives safely. The exact timing varies each year but our optimal shipping time is mid to late March and late October.


Shipping / Delivery

For our out of state customers, you will receive a delivery of premium beef direct to your door. We will contact you in advance to ensure that our timing works with yours so that we avoid times when you may be out of town and unable to transfer the shipment to the freezer the day it arrives.

For in state customers, we will contact you to schedule a delivery date and arrange for drop off or pick up.