Third Generation and beyond...


Nick Ferens and Paula Haiwick

We moved back home in the summer of 2013 to begin our dream of keeping the family ranch operating for future generations. As the saying goes, we have "big boots to fill" but we are eager to continue what was started almost 75 years ago and leveraging three quarters of a century of experience and heritage. Technology and globalization may have changed the beef industry, but we believe that these changes should not minimize the need for quality, taste, and safety. Our goal is to enhance a small part of the industry by providing our customers with a premium product free of stress, growth implants and unnecessary antibiotics. We look forward to the opportunity to show folks what real beef is supposed to taste like. Thanks for giving us a shot.


Gary and Gloria Haiwick

My dad left the ranch to attend college at SDSU where he received his undergraduate and masters degrees. During that time, he met my mother, Gloria. Following his education, Dad managed a grassland research station for SDSU for several years. Dad and Mom moved back to the home place in 1969 after my grandfather developed heart problems. Following his return, Dad continued the legacy of my grandfather and expanded the operation in land and herd size. Over the years, he has received awards at the local, state, and national level for his quality breeding programs and commitment to land stewardship. The picture on the left was taken when my parents were inducted into the South Dakota State 4-H Hall of Fame in the fall of 2008.


Gaylord and Bernice Haiwick

My grandparents bought the "place with the big red barn" in 1939, soon after they were married. They loved the ranching way of life, took pride in the land, and respected their livestock. My grandfather proudly told of going to sign up for service for World War II and was told that he need not serve because he was producing four times the amount of food a typical ranch of his size produced; therefore, the country needed him to continue what he was doing, producing food for our nation. It is that pride and work ethic that I hope to pass along to my children.