Buy premium dry-aged
hormone-, steroid-, and antibiotic-free Angus beef direct
from our prairie to your plate!


Why Buy Direct?

We believe everyone has a right to know about the food they are eating, where it is from, and how it was treated.  By buying direct from Haiwick Heritage Ranch, LLC, you not only know where your food comes from but you also know how it was raised – without growth hormones, unnecessary antibiotics nor feed additives designed to maximize growth. Our cattle are raised on the open prairie of South Dakota and treated humanely throughout their life without added drugs or stress. Knowing this provides you with peace of mind regarding the safety, taste, and treatment of the food on your plate. In addition to your peace of mind, buying direct provides you with the convenience of having premium beef delivered directly to your door, which eliminates frequent trips to the grocery store.


Order Info

Haiwick Heritage Ranch, LLC in Highmore, South Dakota sells quality Angus cattle by the mixed quarter, half or whole animal. Our critters are specially selected, meaning that they are in the top tier of the herd that has been bred and refined for high quality. Our premium beef differs in another important way from the meat found in your grocer’s case (yes even the premium markets) which is wet aged or packed immediately after slaughter. Our beef is dry aged for 21 days. Dry-ageing is time consuming and costly, but the process allows the flavors to fully develop resulting in a far better dining experience.  We think you will be stunned and amazed at the lean, rich-tasting meat, free of added growth hormones and full of the goodness of the sun, rain and grass - the way meat should be.

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About Us

Haiwick Heritage Ranch, LLC is owned and operated by Nick Ferens and Paula Haiwick. We recently relocated from the suburbs of Washington, DC to ensure the ranch, which was started by Paula's grandparents in 1939, continued to operate. In thinking about the future, we realized that there was another opportunity for the ranch- selling premium critters directly to friends and family in addition to the continued commercial livestock program. In doing so, we leverage the quality that has been refined over the 75 years that my family has raised livestock, and we pass that quality along to you. We are passionate about continuing the legacy of the ranch, and we are excited to provide an alternative source of beef to our friends and family in search of a premium dining experience that is safe and healthy.

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