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This might have been the juiciest steak I’ve ever made. The high quality of the meat was fully on display. The strip of fat was perfectly done and just melted in your mouth. This steak was easily on par with any I’ve had in high end steakhouses (and yes, I’ve been to Keens and Peter Luger’s in NYC).

...This is the first time I’ve bought meat in bulk and so far have zero regrets. Quite the opposite. If you don’t have a chest freezer full of awesome meat, you should seriously re-examine your priorities in life.
— Steve from Virginia
We grilled the rib eyes we got from you...OH. MY. GOD. No lie, the BEST we have ever had, and we’ve had good quality stuff before. Absolutely unbelievable. I could cut it with my fork and it was so full of flavor! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
— Kristy from Virginia
OMG....just had my 1st hamburger from Haiwick Heritage Ranch...The beef wasn’t just amazing was FRICKING AMAZING!

Who knew beef could be that flavorful? Thank you Paula Haiwick and family!
— Laura from Maryland
We just had a New York strip steak from the Haiwick Heritage Ranch. I had forgotten just how good a home grown quality steak could taste. Good job, Haiwicks!
— Gayle from Minnesota
Just had a ridiculously good rib eye courtesy of Haiwick Heritage Ranch. There’s no going back to grocery store meat. Straight from the farm from now on!
— Michael from New Jersey