You had me at barbeque

So, spring has sprung (in most places of the country)!  In South Dakota that means it can be 80 degrees or 20 on any given day of the week – last week was 77, today we woke up to snow.  

This time of year also means beef time! We have another batch of beef finding its way to homes and barbeques across the country. Our quarters are delivered, and we are beginning to sell our sampler packs available once again.  

This year, we changed our bundle a bit in anticipation of grilling season. But what we didn’t change is that it is still the same prime registered Angus, dry aged to perfection beef. Even better – no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Just beef. Really, good beef.  Here is what you get:

·         One Package Ribeyes – two steaks per

·         One Package NY Strip – two steaks per

·         One Package Sirloin – two steaks per

·         18 One-pounds Packages Ground Beef

What is better, no trip to the store needed.  We can ship to anywhere in the continental United States… Price for the bundle delivered to your door is $299.00. (Call or email me if you are local and can come pick up as we offer discounts.)

NOTE: I have a few packages of stir fry and kabob meat from one quarter. Let me know if you are interested.  And, I also have about ten roasts available. For those of you thinking Roasts and summer don’t mix… ah but they do. I cube mine, marinate in balsamic dressing with peppers and onions and Nick grills in a basket. Good stuff. 

We look forward to hearing from you!